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Current 2023 "Tournament of Champions" Qualifiers:
Michele Meyer
Tom Weber
Gerrin Dehn
Ryan Nelson
Sunny Berndt
Erica Horstmann
Tanner Pederson
Cole Cameron
Austin Hanson
Anna Schweers
Ryan Fisher
Jesse Bosch
Ryan Churchill
Craig Wenstrand
Lori Olson
Angelo Polcaro
Tim Bosch
Kelly Ikola
Paul Hofmann
Ron Beattie
Abe Mrosla

Updated March 14th ,2023

2022 "Tournament of Champions" Winners:

First Place: Brent Prueser

Second Place: Nathan Barnum

Third Place: Dave Thomes

Heads-Up Tournament Bracket

The Creators

Shawn & Jodi Pittman

One Badass.

One Femme Fatale.

We’ll let you decide who’s who.

Don Williams

We can’t decide if he’s a better dealer or player.

Either way he’s a force to be reckoned with.