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Current 2022
“Tournament of Champions”

Updated: August 18th, 2022

Gary Tank (1st out TOC)
Michele Meyer
Trevor Tobin +3
Butch Rhoades +1
James Thompson
Ron Beattie +2
Val Zaborowski +5
Brent Prueser +3
Ross Moerschell + 1
Warren Haberman +1
Scott Gutierrez
Bobbi Thiesse
Josh Ikola
Jason Thiesse
Ryan Nelson
Dave Thomes
Josh Haberman
Joe Palmer
Patrick Wussow +2
Amy Netland +1
Miles Weske
Steve James
Tim Bosch
Craig Venske
Jeremy Ryder +1
Mark Peterson
Don Williams
Mike Howard
Lori Gutierrez
Melissa Netland
Liz Stevens
Gayle Stevens
Sunny Berndt
Ellen Thomes
Zoe Loucks
Laura Zaborowski +1
Crystal Nuijens +1
Donnie Brown
Tom Weber +1
Holly Kostohryz
Dave Mimm
Nathan Barnum +3
HollyRose McKnight
Logan Mitchey
Kenny Kemp
Therese Kemp
Jeff Smith
Joe Tabatt
Curt Naylor
Joey Sauer
Larry Maxwell +1
Christy Tobin +1
Marcus “Costco”
Makenzie Jeffers
Cole Cameron
Travis Voss
Dr. Lori Olson
Cheryl Olson
Candi Maras
Bobbi Loucks
Randy Pederson
Jodi Pittman

The Creators

Shawn & Jodi Pittman

One Badass.

One Femme Fatale.

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